Good Clean Family Fun at Redcliffe Festival of Sails

Enjoy the Good Clean Fun At Redcliffe Festival of Sails

The annual Redcliffe Festival of Sails celebrating Easter and the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race is arriving soon, promising locals and visitors to the peninsula an egg-tra special Good Friday by the bay, jam-packed with Eater family fun for all ages. 

You can expect a sun kissed day of live music and Easter-themed entertainment, along with kite displays, animal attractions, hundreds of market stalls, craft workshops, children's activities, plus beach sports and activities on Suttons Beach. 

The Beach Zone

There's plenty of action happening in the Beach Zone. Hop on over during Redcliffe Festival of Sails to watch the Easter Bunny's grand skydiving entrance at 10:10am and get active on the water, or on the sand. 

Beach and Water Sports 

Between 9am and 4pm you can play beach cricket or volleyball, or launch a SUP, kayak, or pedal boat into the bay to get away from the crowds for some splashing fun and the best view of the yacht race.

Sand Sculpture Workshops

You can pull up a spot on the beach from 9am to 4pm to watch the extraordinary, sand sculpture artist create a masterpiece before your eyes. You’ll even get a chance to jump in and get sandy building your own sculpture.

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt to egg-cite the kids will take place on the waterfront. All ages are welcome to take part for a small fee.


Here are some facts and recycling solutions provided.

Australians are expected to consume up to $3 billion dollars in chocolate eggs this year so if you and/or your children take part in the Redcliffe Festival of Sails Easter Egg Hunt please help keep the beach pristine by recycling the 100% recyclable foil wrappers.

Aluminum recycling saves 95% of resources used to make new aluminium and provides many environmental, economic and community benefits – it saves time, energy, money and precious natural resources, creates jobs and helps pay for community services. Aluminium is a sustainable metal, which means it can be recycled infinitely with no loss of material!

How to Recycle Aluminium Wrappers

You can recycle your chocolate egg wrappers by either scrunching the pieces together into a ball about the size of a ping-pong, or (if you can’t eat enough chocolate to craft a small ball) by putting individual wrappers into an aluminium can before placing the can in a recycle bin.

Flattened foil wrappers and small pieces placed loosely in a recycling bin will be incorrectly sorted as paper, causing contamination issues, so please recycle as advised. 

The Three Rs of Sustainability

Reduce Reuse Recycle

You can also reuse the wrappers by thinking outside the box. Here’s 7 egg-cellent ways to reuse chocolate egg aluminium foil for more Easter family fun:

#1 You can use them in children’s arts and crafts projects such as origami, painting, card decoration, and scrapbooking.

#2 Foil wrappers can be set in clear resin to create beads for jewellery.

#3 You can shape them into makeshift coins for use in children’s games.

#4 The foil can be turned into decorations for fancy dress costumes.

#5 If you’ve plenty of wrappers you can smooth them out and use them as reflectors in solar ovens.

#6 Donate the wrappers to your local primary school, or child care centre for use in arts and crafts projects.

#7 Crumpled up foil wrappers make quite good scouring pads.