Get Moving at Redcliffe Festival of Sails

Get Moving at the Redcliffe Festival of Sails

The annual Redcliffe Festival of Sails celebrates Easter and the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, promising an egg-citing Good Friday by the bayside choc-a-block full of sporty activities and opportunities to get moving to burn-off your decadent Easter indulgences.

From beach sports to Easter egg hunts, there’s something to tickle everyone’s whiskers at this lively, family-friendly Moreton Bay festival.

Enjoy Sun Kissed Active Fun at Redcliffe Festival of Sails

With so many scrumptious vendors ready to stimulate your taste buds at the Sails Festival it would be wise to try and stave-off unwanted Easter weight gain by putting a spring in your step. And what more enjoyable a way is there to burn calories than exercising without even realising you’re working out?

Take a leaf out of our handbook and get sporty, upping your heart rate at Redcliffe Festival of Sails by making the most of these 6 egg-cellent opportunities to get moving during the event:

1 Beach Volleyball Cricket and Tennis

Get active playing FREE beach volleyball, cricket and tennis from 9am to 4pm. You can hop across the sand anytime to have a go.

2 Sand Sculpture Competition

Lift some sand-weights getting busy creating your very own sand sculpture masterpiece from 9am to 4pm.

3 Dance to the Redcliffe Festival of Sails Live Music

Live stage entertainment is provided all day so be sure to get out there and bust a move. Kids and adults alike can groove away for hours to Australian bands and singers who will liven up the bayside with a mix of genres including pop, folk, acoustic, blues, jazz, RnB, soul, and dance.

Enjoy live music across three stages, two acoustic stages and the Main Stage. 

4 Rove around the Market Stalls 

Get springing around the market area, pausing to peruse and shop before bounding away to the next stall which takes your fancy. With 100s of stalls offering a diversity of eclectic wares, treats and goodies, you’re sure to find something to take home, or gift to someone special.

5 Easter Egg Hunt

You can join the kids in racing around hunting for Easter eggs! Just be sure to eat your eggs in moderation.

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