The Great Outdoors at the Redcliffe Festival of Sails

5 Ways Kids can Benefit from Outdoor Activities at Redcliffe Festival of Sails


The results are in folks. Our kids are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. Shocked? Don’t worry, the Redcliffe Festival of Sails is here to help, with a kid’s line-up that is chock full of outdoor fun. The Redcliffe Festival of Sails runs on 14th April 2017, and is a must see colourful seaside celebration of Easter held at Suttons Beach - and the best view of the yachts from the 69th Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race. With a huge variety of Easter entertainment, rides and activities, workshops and more, we’re positive the little ones won’t even remember what a screen is…maybe.

Sesame Lane brings us the top five ways your little ones can benefit from the range of outdoors activities on offer at the Redcliffe Festival of Sails.

Healthy Bodies: Improves Health 

Physical play means a healthy body-it promotes early brain development in young children and decreases the risk of developing nasty health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and more. Get them moving with the free Laughing Yoga activity- this amazing kids program combines moving, stretching and deep breathing with laughing, to release tension in a playful, positive way.


Making Friendships: Promotes Good Social Skills

Kids love to get out and about to interact with others, and it’s important for them to learn all about how to get along, share, explore teamwork and develop essential social and behavioural skills. Gather them around the Ocean Life Touch Tanks together to experience marine life up close and personal as they take turns to touch weird and wonderful underwater creatures.

Learning for Life: Improves Cognitive Skills

The First 5 Forever Storytime is guaranteed to help bring little minds and imaginations to life with engaging stories, action rhymes and songs. There’s also the First 5 Forever Pop Up Library filled with fun and informative activities to enjoy. They’ll get swept up in the magic of Storytime…while you know they’re developing super important language and problem solving skills. Everybody wins!

Sunlight for Strong Muscles and Bones: Increased Vitamin D3

Getting the kids outside and into the sunshine promotes their body’s Vitamin D3 production for healthy muscle and bone development- but always remember to slip, slop and slap to stay safe in the sun! Bring your little ones along to the Suttons Beach pathway for the Sidewalk Art installation, a wonderful way to get crafty and create their own art on the public sidewalk.

All Smiles: Happiness & Wellbeing

We all want our kids to be happy. The great news is outdoor play helps them to sleep better, feel calmer and be happier. The kids will love the live stage performance by The Red Rockets- this all-girl vocal group will have them on their feet, moving and grooving to their classic 50s and 60s rock and roll tunes. A bit of glitter will put a smile on the children faces. Be sure to visit the team from Sesame Lane to receive a free glitter tattoo.

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