Busking Stages

Busking Stages
Fri 9am - 4pm

Busking Stage 1

Located at the Southern Food Court

9am Peppermint Ollie

10:10am Marco Dodd

11:20am Cassi Marie

12:30pm Peter Muldoon

1:40pm Red Music

*Program subject to change

Busking Stage 2

Located next to Market Alley

9:00am Cassi Marie

10:10am Brendan the Bard

11:20am Zoe Quinn

12:30pm Tayiha

1:40pm Lucy Korts

*Program subject to change

Busking Stage 3

Located within the Pop-Up Ice Cream Fair

9:00am Peter Muldoon

10:10am True Harmony

11:20am Kiani Jazz

12:30pm Brendan the Bard

1:40pm Zoe Quinn

*Program subject to change

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